Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blogging Schedule

New technical posts every Monday morning
Talking to people about my blog I have gotten some suggestions. They have ranged from advising me to include what I had for lunch on my blog to the idea of having a regular posting schedule. While people seem to be fascinated by what I eat, or rather by what I don't eat, I don't think my dining habits will become a regular part of my postings. On the other hand, a regular posting schedule seems like a great idea for trying to keep readership, as people will know when to visit my blog and can expect new content.

To that end, I propose the following schedule. I will attempt to post a new technical article every Sunday evening or Monday morning to start out the week. If I have other things to say (like this message), I will post them when the mood strikes me. So if you check out this site once a week, you should be guaranteed of seeing new content every time you visit.

And yes, I am playing around with things that I can do to avoid the "walls of text" that I previously mentioned. Please bear with my experimentation.


madking said...

This is just a test comment, just to make sure comments work.

Anonymous said...

This sounds great, but we want to hear about the "O's" too!

Michael Haddox-Schatz said...

The "O's" is a diet which I neither endorse nor follow, and yet has been ascribed to me. It consists of eating only food that ends in an "Oh" sound, like "Doritos" or "Cheetos" or "Oreos"

It doesn't seem particularly healthy to me, but it is convenient.