Monday, March 19, 2007

This time it was good enough

My submission that I talked about last week would've placed around 230th place. (top 500 advance). I didn't let it be though. I worked on it further, and ended up finishing right around 100th place. The official results aren't finalized yet, so I don't know my exact place.

So was the effort I put in to raise my result worth it, given that I would've advanced either way? Can I consider it good practice for the next round (which starts Wednesday) where only the top 200 advance?

As you might've figured by these last two posts, I am in TopCoder mode at the moment. This seems to happen once or twice a year during tournament time, so you'll have to bear with me. I am justifying it by saying it fits with the theme of my blog because these are programming contests.


David said...

Hey, found your blog randomly (ok, not so randomly, it was via a Google blog search for "TopCoder") so I thought I'd say hi.

-David (dplass)

Michael Haddox-Schatz said...

Hey cool. I was wondering if it could be found via searches. Please feel free to comment on/critique anything you find here. Good luck on all the TCO contests you are registered for.